Strong Faith

Embrace God's Grace

Grace is so much more than a doctrine, it is the person of Jesus Christ. Come Sunday and learn how to embrace the benefits of grace.

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Faith Groups

Every week in Faith Groups people are finding ways to apply the life changing principles they are learning. You can too!

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Discovering God's Plan

Every believer has a divine destiny. As you discover your life's purpose you will develop a sense of dignity, worth, and personal fulfillment.

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Eternal Life

Discover how you were meant to live. The truths within Pastor David's book will transform your every experience with God.

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The Fire Hall

Find our Christian Church behind Wagontown Fire Company
Our entrance is located behind the Wagontown Fire Company. We'll greet you at the door!

Service Times

Sunday 10:30 AM Worship
Meeting at the Wagontown Fire Hall.

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Tuesday 7 PM Prayer
Call (610) 400-1188 for directions.

Wed. or Thurs. 7 PM Faith Groups
Call (610) 400-1188 for directions.

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Christian Churches—Are You Struggling to Find the Right One?

Christian churches: where our children learn about God's love

You've just discovered a Christian church the way you want it. Strong Faith Family Church is a non-denominational church that teaches the New Covenant. We are committed to ushering people into a meaningful relationship with God, establishing them in a Bible-based sense of self-worth, and helping people find and fulfill the plan of God for their life.

Hate boring sermons?

If you catch yourself yawning in sermons at other churches, it's time to check us out. We bring passion, energy, and sensible learning by making God's teachings easy-to-understand. We give practical advice that empowers you to break through your boundaries, take control of your life, and realize true joy and happiness. Our goal is to enhance each and every one of our church family's lives.

Other Christian churches too rigid?

Other churches have dress codes. But we believe God is concerned with what's in your heart not what's on your back. Be yourself, dress the way you like—whether it's jeans or your Sunday best—we accept you however you're comfortable.

Bad experiences in other churches?

Church isn't always a positive experience. Perhaps you've felt rejected, embarrassed, or judged by people in some churches. But you'll be welcomed into our church. We don't judge you. We don't want to control you. We're simply here to help you.

Hate hypocrites?

Even true believers are going to fail once in awhile. We're not perfect and we don't expect you to be. You will leave our church feeling loved.

Are You Living Your Dreams?

Are you living or just surviving? Here at Strong Faith Family Church your gifts are valued and will be developed!

"I can't believe it! The vision of this church is to help me find and fulfill my vision! Finally, I don't feel 'stuck' anymore!" — Carol B.

God created you for a purpose. God has specific Kingdom assignments tailor-made for your personality and talents. You can gain tremendous inner fulfillment by living your dreams and doing what you were created to do. We encourage you to draw on and magnify your talents and passions to serve God and bless others. As a matter of fact, we'll help equip you to do it.

Leave Church Feeling Loved

Our church is a family. People come back again and again. Why? Because many people have never been taught the word of God this way before. It's empowering!

"I finally feel worthy in God's eyes! I haven't been able to find teaching like this anywhere else! And the people are so loving." — Fred S.

And most of all, people feel loved. John 15:12 "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you . . . ." So, whether you live in Coatesville (19320), Wagontown (19376), Thorndale (19372), Downingtown (19335), Parkesburg (19365), or Gap (17527), you won't find other Christian churches like Strong Faith Family Church. Please visit with us this Sunday and leave church feeling loved! Call 610-400-1188 to talk with Pastor David Longenecker.